Edwyn knew that Storm and Fennen would make excellent travelling companions. Though short, they seemed capable of handling themselves. Storm was the victim of a nasty little pickpocket who made away with some coin but, that’s understandable. Being robbed was part of being an adventurer of course. When the trio arrived at the Great Hall they presented their letters of invitation and were immediately granted an audience with the Reeve, Ireylle Bearyl.

This “person” was most unsettling. She was in-fact two, identical women. They held hands the entire time and spoke with in perfect unison. They sounded exactly the same and as if their thoughts came from the same mind. This was a some foul sorcery indeed and Edwyn was unnerved to say the least. Making eye contact with either one of them proved difficult. He could feel his stomach begin to rumble as it usually did when he felt this way.

“She” explained in detail how she became split and something about a lost ship and other people dying trying to find it but, Edwyn wasn’t listening. He just needed to keep it together until they could leave and he’d let Storm fill him in later.

Last Wish

Once the party was away from the great hall and Edwyn had managed to purchase some exotic fruit, Storm was able to explain exactly what they needed to do. They were to find the Last Wish tavern and employ captain Lorali Barnette, who sailed the War Spite for quests such as ours. We were to sail up the coast to where the Sea Wasp was last seen and recover what we could. Apparently, the Sea Wasp was only the latest in a number of merchant ships that had been lost in the area. If possible, we were to discover the cause of these disappearances as well. The owner of the Sea Wasp also mentioned something about returning his son but Edwyn didn’t catch those details exactly.

tavernCaptain Lorali proved to be quite the tough customer. She required payment beyond the command of the Reeve, so they were off to find some fine bottles of some sort of liquor. Edwyn, along with all the paladins of his order did not engage in such foolery as imbibing alcohol. He did not understand the value but, he would accomplish this task in anyway he could.

The party found themselves in some den of sin run buy one Amara Whiteclover. Edywn had to admit that she was indeed quite lovely. However, Storm seemed to be the one who caught her eye. They spoke in a way that seemed to have more than one meaning. Edwyn was confused. All he needed to know was that we traded some items and gold, along with some awkward exchanges, for the bottles of fine reserve that we needed. Captain Lorali would be pleased.


goblinEdwyn was still not used to the sea. His stomach was in agony when it happened. Storm had come into his room below deck to check on him. While speaking they heard shouting and banging from the main deck. When they made their way up the stair the deck was in chaos. The ship had been tethered to a…structure, that defied whatever rules of floating Edwyn knew, and their were goblins streaming off of it onto their ship. Edwyn vomited immediately.

When he saw his friends in peril however, he knew that this was the time to act. It was exactly what he had been training for his whole life. Swinging wildly, Edwyn bravely managed to wound some of the little creatures. Storm flew into some sort of madness the likes of which Edwyn had never seen. Her eyes went blood red and she foamed at the mouth. She tore through these creatures with ease and just started throwing them overboard at one point.

As the battle ensued, captain Lorali was gravely wounded. Edwyn needed to do something. With his family shield in one hand and long sword in the other, he charged across the deck without concern for his own safety. He was pretty sure that’s what brave people did. He could heal her. He didn’t see what tripped him exactly but he went flying through the air. Goblin swords and spears stabbed at him along the way. He managed to get his hand on Lorali’s foot and heal her. He was a hero.

The rest was a blur. Fennen was punching the goblins with his bare hands and Storm was a whirlwind of blood and gore. It was terrifying. In the end, they lost Lorali’s first mate Tog. A huge Orc who didn’t speak much but seemed to love Lorali and the crew.


Storm seemed to calm down, thank the gods. Fennen was injured but nothing the party couldn’t heal. In light of everything that had happened Edwyn felt it was time he was more honest with his friends. He had to let them know that this was in fact, his first battle. He assured them this was true and that in spite of how amazing he looked and acted, he had never seen combat. Storm and Fennen did not seem as shocked as Edwyn imagined they would be.

Now a battle tested warrior, Edwyn knew he had what it took to be a great adventurer. He would earn the shield on his back. If these little green savages couldn’t stop him. Nothing could. They were on their way to the lost Sea Wasp, and there he would find his glory.