Edwyn was raised in the capital of the Northern Sanction, Erast. The jewel of the north, Erast is by far the largest and wealthiest nation state in the Human territory north of the Broken Spine Mountains. Edwyn was not happy here however. Edwyn was a well trained but unseasoned Paladin of the Order of The Phoenix (wink) His father, the commander of the Order seemed to make it his charge to ensure Edwyn would never leave the city and see combat of any kind. “What more noble duty could there be than to stay and train the recruits here with me?” He would often say. He was sure he needed to do more.

Shortly after Edwyn’s 22nd birthday, he fled. Edwyn knew his power was not granted through the gift of any one god. His unwavering commitment to honor and justice was the true source of power within him. It was his duty to ensure justice was brought to those outside the city walls and to make sure all who needed help, would receive it.

Unfortunately this was as far as Edwyn thought about his departure. Well, he also knew that he needed to bring his family’s most prized possession with him, the Shield of Flames. The shield, bright silver and emblazoned with the winged phoenix of his order, had been in his family for generations. It sat mounted on a wall in his father’s home and had never moved his whole life. It was time to put it to work. Of course, since the shield would be his by right one day, this was not stealing.


100 miles south west of Erast,  in a the small village of Rosemill, Edwyn overheard a pair Inkedvolarya_arleedrawn_PlynthCircledof rough looking travelers arguing over what seemed to be a piece of paper. It looked like a letter of some kind. There was apparently a call for adventurers far to the south west, on the Island of Plint. Edwyn had heard tales of this land. It was forged by a volcano and surrounded by dangerous jungles for hundreds of miles in every direction. He could think of no place father from home, or more in need of justice and order.

Edwyn waited for the two to fall asleep and he took their letter of invitation. It was not address to either individual so passing this off as his own should be easy enough. He was clearly more qualified that these two drunkards to bring order to the Chaos on Plint Island. The theft was justified.



Getting clear across the continent turned out to be a little more difficult than Edwyn imagined. It took 2 months to get to the port of Vodari. By that time Edwyn had been robbed twice. First they took the money they brought with him from Erast, and the second time he was robbed of what he had earned on his way to set sail. So when Edwyn arrived on the merchant ship Zeveal, captained by a wealthy and exotic Elvish man named Mayval, he had his shield, his long-sword, his letter, and 6 copper in his right boot. (He was catching on quickly)

It wasn’t long before he found someone else with a letter identical to his on board the ship. Edwyn mentioned the letter to everyone he met so they all knew why he was here. He knew they would be fast friends and companions. Her name was Storm, a female dwarf the likes of which Edwyn had never seen. Mainly due to the fact that Edwyn had never seen a dwarf, but he did not picture them like this. She was dressed in furs and leather like the wild folk south of the Broken Spine. Edwyn had heard tales of their ferocity in battle and savage way of life. Storm did not seem that terrifying though, accept for the great sword she carried that was the same height as she was point to hilt.

Edwyn knew she would be a great ally and would need his help in her travels. He agreed to be her companion through thick and thin. She did not ask him for this, but Edwyn knew that she was probably to shy or proud to seek his aid. Making sure she was not alone was the honorable thing to do.


Nothing could have prepared Edwyn for what he saw when they puled into Stell Bay. The Volcano towered over all. Thousands of feet into the sky it stretched, making the trees around it look like blades of grass surrounding an ant-hill. Possibly more impressive than the volcano was the city itself. It seemed that most of it was carved into the mountain itself! And the colors. Every store front, tavern, and home carved into the stone was pained it’s own unique blend of vibrant colors. The building built outside the mountain were painted as well – it was a far cry from the marbled order and structure of Erast.

Once on land, Captain Mayval introduced Storm and Edwyn to Fennen, the tiniest little thing Edwyn had ever seen. His accent was thick so Edwyn resorted to simply shouting his name strangely and that seemed to satisfy the little fella. He carried a simple little weapon by wore no armor. How simple robes could protect something so tiny, Edwyn could not understand.

The three set out to find Iryelle, the Reeve (local leader) of this island so they could answer their summons and help in any way possible. Edwyn would do his best to keep watch over his new companions. He assumed they would be honor bound to protect him just as he is to them. The three made their way through the market quarter and towards the Great Hall, every step taking them closer to their destiny.