Gender: Male

Race: Dragonborn

Lvl suggestion: 4-6

Where was he born?

Our character was born in the capitol city of the Dragonborn, Zir. Zir is one of the largest cities in the world, rivaled only by its primary trade partner, the human city of Erast. It is the shining jewel of the Ordamian Empire ruled by Saemon (Say-mahn) Jah-Ordam. He was born in the Barracks quarters where most red and black scaled Dragonborn live and train.

The Red and Black scaled citizens make up the military class in Dragonborn society. All children know what they will do once born, based on the color of their scales.

Who are his parents?

His father was named Drogha-Ruh and his mother was Feila. They were not poor, due to his father’s service in the military but no soldier’s family would ever be considered wealthy.

His father was respected by his men and proud to raise a son to give to the ranks of The Ordamian Empire. He was a hard disciplinarian but that’s what molded warriors among the Dragonborn. Feila was a dutiful wife and quite beautiful by Dragonborn standards. The contrast in attitude Drogha has between wife and son was rather stark.

What was he doing before this adventure?

Prior to when we meet our character he had spent many years wandering the wilds with a band of nomadic humans among the Ba’rad Plains. They had found him bloodied and beaten outside the ruins of Ba’rad, left for dead. It took many months for him to fully heal and regain his strength.

Only recently has he traveled north through the the thin valley separating the two halves of the Broken Spine Mountains, in search of a new life in the Northern Sanction. Dragonborn almost never lived outside of the empire but what choice did he have? He could not return home and these people would not allow him to remain as one of them.

Why did he leave his previous life?

He left home with his father, Uncle Droghu, and six other men whom our character did not know (he believed they were a group from his Uncle’s company), embarking on his first mission as a full member in the army of the Empire. It was uncommon, but not unheard of, for smaller bands like this to travel outside their borders to scout reports of potential threats.

The grasslands to the northwest of Zir, where the ruins of Ba’rad stood, were becoming increasingly hostile.  Of the few trade caravans from the human nomads that even attempted the journey, even fewer made it through. Rumor had it that something was stirring in the ruins and it needed to be investigated.

Three day’s travel outside of the Empire’s territory, it all went wrong. He never saw the attacker coming up from behind but the noise is something he’ll never forget. It sounded like the wind of a hurricane for a brief moment then a thud before nothingness.

He did not awaken until night had fallen. He was bound by his hands and feet. When consciousness would briefly fill is brain he could see his father in the same state, a captive but kneeling upright, attempting to yell at someone through the rags in his mouth. Over him stood… Uncle? Eventually he was able to make out some words over his father’s tortured screams. His uncle coveted Feila and would make her his own. He would leave them here to die and report our cowardice to the people. He would tell them we had fled at the first sign of danger.

Even if they made it out of here alive they could never go back, they would be killed for desertion.

Some days later, the humans cut him loose.  He remembers being dragged away from his father’s lifeless body, then slipping back into a void of unconsciousness.

What did he leave behind?

Only his mother remains at home and his reputation has been destroyed. He was courting a female, successfully he thought, but she was of bronze scales and their union would have been deemed illegal anyway. She belongs to the upper class of scholars and traders among the metallic Dragonborn.

He wakes up most nights screaming with rage after dreaming of his murderous uncle, his own yells meshing with the screams of his father. For an instant he wishes to turn back, and to run home to claim his revenge. But then, as the moment passes, he remember this to be impossible, and continues north, alone.

What does he want?

On the outside he is a wandering Dragonborn looking for a new life. Perhaps there is a city or local lord here in the north in need of a fighter or guard. He has some military training so that should come in handy. He is much larger than the humans he has met so far, and they fear him for what he his. He stays polite for survival, smiling as best he can at passers by, hoping they will not fear him, and instead, offer him work. Without a home and steady job he will eventually starve.

Inside, however, the fire of revenge burns bright no matter how hard he tries to tamp down the flames. He knows he will see his uncle again someday. He does not know how or when but he must.

The night terrors of a large black scaled Dragonborn make it hard to stay in any one place for long. What he needs more than anything is a new home, a new family.