Gender: Female

Race: Elf

Lvl suggestion: 1-3

Where was she born?

Our character was born deep in the heart of the Malorne Forest. The forest itself is unnaturally warm and lush compared to the surrounding lands. Elven legends say that the dragon god Io (eye-Oh) now sleeps under this forest. After she created the first dragons she was weak and needed rest. She went to sleep under the land and the forest spread all around her. Her presence there grants the surrounding lands warmth, and the elven people their immortality. Elves are undying while they remain in the forest. But should they leave, even once, the slow decay of time will eventually catch up to them. This is the place where our character was born, along the western edge of the forest where clashes with the men of Ravenwood were increasing.

Who are her parents?

Her mother was named Shaela, and her father was called Sontar. Sontar Sanviik was his full name but most referred to him as “The Bear”. He was unnaturally thick for an elf which made him one of the most revered fighters known their people. He was captain of a small band of warriors who patrolled the western edge of the forest. By many, it was rumored there was bear in his bloodline — Orc blood by his enemies, but never to his face.

Shaela was an entertainer. She traveled throughout the elven lands to perform songs and dance for the people. She was gone often, leaving Sontar to raise our young elf, but always returned by the Chill Moon, known as Limulidae to the elves, to spend the cooler months with her family.

What was she doing before this adventure?

She spent most of her days alone. She loved the trees, hills and rivers of her forest. She was often tempted by the open fields of men to the west however. She would sneak away to spy on them from the edge of the forest and wonder at their fields of grain and other crops as she learned they were called. She was taught of course that this treatment of the land was a perversion of Silvanus’ way. Silvanus was the goddess of wild growth and was as generous with her bounty as she was dangerous.

“Never bend Nature to your will young one” her father would say. “You need only ask, and she will grant all we need.”

Still, there was something about these strange men and women of the fields that called to her. The reason why would become clear soon enough,

…to destroy them.

Why did she leave his previous life?

It was known to our young elf that the border lands she visited in secret were dangerous. Conflicts would arise between man and elf but would never come to violence. The disputes were occurring more and more as the men continued to clear trees at the edge of the forest in order to strengthen the walls of the great city of Ravenwood to the west. Using the massive trees of the Malorne forest, the city’s walls were as strong as any made of stone.

One day she heard shouting and one voice carried above the rest. It was her father. She couldn’t make out the words but he was angry, very angry. The Bear had awoken. She rushed through the dense thicket and branches towards the shouting. When she arrived she saw him surrounded. There were many men, some with weapons and many carrying large axes or saws.

Her father was furious and refused to give them any ground.

“You will remove yourself from this place!” he boomed. The circle would widen and tighten around him as he yelled and lashed out.

“This forest is not yours to command! You will leave it be or suffer the true wrath of my people.”

He father jolted as if struck and his eyes widened. He quickly spun to look at his assailant and she saw the arrow protruding from his back. He drew he sword and let out a battle cry that made many of the men run in terror.

Another arrow struck his leg and he advanced upon the crowd. His sword sung and his shield crushed, but there were too many. From his knees he fought, and swung until his keen elvish eyes caught the face of his terrified daughter in the undergrowth. The Bear seemed to quiet and a sense of calm came over him. He shook his head to stop her from coming and smiled at her.

She covered her mouth to stop the gasp from escaping as the final blow was buried into Santor’s chest. All she could do was turn her back and let the tears run over her hand. When the forest was silent once more she went to him. His face still held the smile he gave her before the end. His body was riddled with arrows, slashes and blood. The mutilated bodies of some 12 men surrounded the small grove.

She left the bodies to become one with the forest and left the land of her people behind. The only thing she took was the claw necklace her father wore. This act, would not go unpunished.

What did she leave behind?

She left behind the immortal life of her kind. Outside of the forest she would be forced to wade through the thick waters of time. She may never see her mother again, or any member of her clan, but this was of no consequence. She left the forest with nothing.

What does she want?

Time. Time to prepare. Time to grow stronger. Time to destroy the wooden city of men. She did not know how quickly she would age outside of the protection of Io but, she needed time.

She, as with all her people had a natural affinity to manipulate the magics of the world. She also inherited the size, strength and ferocity of her father. She knew not how she would bring down the great city, but it’s destruction would forever be her singular purpose.