Repeat after me:

I already have more games than I can play.

There are games on my shelf that I haven’t even played yet.

I already want to play the games I own more often than I do.

If this new game is really as good as everybody says it is, it should still be for sale when I get around to it later, after I’ve quenched my thirst on the games I’ve already purchased.  And if it’s not around anymore, then it must not have been as amazing as they all said it was.

I refuse to allow The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) to take hold.  There are plenty of great games to play and many of them are already on my carefully curated shelf.

Sure, this game looks really good, but I’ve never actually played it.  It may not click for me.  It may not click for my friends.  Every new game is a gamble.  Some of the most popular games ever created failed to resonate with us and were quickly sold or traded away.

The cost of more games isn’t just financial.  It costs time and attention to focus on a game long enough to learn it over repeated plays and multiple gaming sessions to get good.  Time is in short supply and my attention is already divided across every other game I already own (and my wife and kids and other hobbies).

This game shares some similarities with some games I already own.  Will it fill a void or is it just more redundancy?  Why have multiple games that do the same thing?

I’m already focusing on a legacy campaign, so getting this game means it will just sit on a shelf for months.  There’s no reason to get it right now.

Adding another game to the mix will just dilute my ability to dive deeper into the games I already know I like.  Less is more.  Less is better.  Quality over quantity.

Stay strong! Fight the hype! 😛